Traveling is absolutely fantastic. The best part of traveling that almost every single one of us just love is the different cuisines and dishes we get to try. Well, this is all magical and amazing but lets be real, traveling requires both money and time. We don’t have either. Specially if we were to visit Europe we will need more cash and more time. But, fortunately we can make some simple dishes at home.

Today we are taking you to the cuisine of Dutch. Dutch dishes is something people don’t hear about very often. That is why we are here to unveil all the delicious dishes of Dutch that you can easily make at home.


This is the infamous Dutch pancakes that is super easy to make and definitely a favorite dish among Dutch people. Now, the best park about pannenkoeken is that it satisfy both the sweet buds and the savory buds. You get to decide which way to go. If you want a little savory then get some holland pork or bacon, salmon, cheese or so. But if you want to go sweet then chocolate, applesauce, powdered sugar and more. You can add and custom made this dish as you like. This pancake is more like a traditional English one but pannenkoeken can be huge.


This is a thick pea soup. Erwensoep is super thick and a great meal to fill a hungry tummy. This specific dish is made from dried split green peas (hence the name), vegetables and some pork. You can add some smoked sausages before serving. Also, in Netherlands this dish is served with roggerbrood, which is a piece of rye bread. This dish is perfect to heat you up during cold days.


You guessed it right! This is the Dutch version of Apple Pie. We all know that apple pies date back to many centuries. The Dutch version is no different. This apple pie has a pastry top and bottom and the inside is filled with apples, sugar, cinnamon, lemon juice and even some raisins or currents. Even the description is mouth watering, isn’t it? Well, it is not hard to make and it will get along perfectly with your cup of coffee.

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