“Old is new” can definitely be said to a bottle of vintage liquor which allows you a taste of the past. Whether it’s a bottle of bourbon or rum that was bottled over decades ago that was until recently gathering dust inside someone’s cabinet, every bottles tells you one hundred uniquely different stories that can be enjoyed if you are a someone drawn to vintage spirits and liqueurs like I am. The fondness and endearment towards these priceless artifacts -if you would call it that- is not really a new thing, this has been an ongoing liking over the years, however, it has turned into an obsession over the past few decades.

Obsessions as we know it need to be understood and in this case, satisfied, considering that you are obsessing over something of prestigious value. Just like people are yearning the richer and fuller sounds of vinyl records amidst the jargon of sounds that they call music these day, there’s another bunch of people who run behind say a box of amaro from Friuli that’s so rare that it’s manufacturers have run out of business in the 1900s. It’s not just the faded label or the bragging rights of owning or tasting the last bit of something deemed to be valuable, but it’s the ability to taste and savour ingredients from pastures that have ceased to exist.

It’s well known that people desire older bottles of wine because it’s said to age, change and improve in the cellar. However, it is not so when considering spirits. A bottle of whisky that’s well-sealed and stored is ought to taste the exact same as the day it was bottled. Hence, the main reason for collectors to covet such artifacts is not to find something that’s been improved with age but to reach back to gain a sense of how something tasted back in the day or even centuries ago considering that with the technological advancements in the industry, the flavours and techniques have changed over the years.

For someone who is passionate about the collection of such artifacts or getting into the collection of it, places to trade such artifacts are of importance. For someone in Singapore, you can easily sell and buy vintage liquor Singapore from many places in the country such as The Vintage Liquor Specialist, who are dedicated to sourcing out vintage liquors or collectors like you and me, while providing competitive rates and ease of collection.

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