What is the best gift for corporate clients?

In most parts of the world. Hampers are exclusively tied to expressing appreciation and gratitude to corporate clients and these hampers do not fail to include a bottle of the finest wine and some hampers comprise of only an assortment of spirits that are a much appreciated element in functions hosted during the festive seasons that beings mid-November and goes on until after the new year celebrations.

What are the appropriate occasions to serve alcohol to employees?

The key responsibility to serving alcohol in corporates events in to ensure that employees below the legal limit of consuming alcohol strictly do not have access to same .In a company that has a program that takes on internes and apprentices the emphasis for the above is even more so. Alcohol can be served in appropriate quantities at any event as long it does not control the vibe of the event. Therefore it is both the responsibility of the employer as well as the employees to ensure that serving of liquor does not hinder the proceeding of the event. Another way to control the flow of the event is to employ trained service men who will have the experience and know how to deny service to individuals who may appear to be toxicated and this also curtails employees free handedly serving themselves off the service. It is also advisable to serve alcohol after the main proceeding of the event have concluded and it is time for networking and engaging in light conversation post event. This way the alcohol is serve as a great ice breaker too.

What can be offered along the alcohol?

For hard liquor an assortments of nuts or bite sizes meant dishes will go nicely and for lighter spirits such as wine, cheese shop Singapore offers a fine array of delicacies that are freshly flown in from the cities in Europe celebrated for its cheese and wine. Specially in a setting there are many ladies available this will be much appreciated.

How can you compensate for the non-alcohol drinking employees in an alcohol serving event?

Some employees as well as customers and suppliers do not indulge in any form of toxication because of religious beliefs or because an existing element or a condition forces them to refrain from same. For those who do not par take in social drinking we can serve either non-alcoholic wines/ beverages or have a separate lounge for them to interact in if the presence of alcohol offends them.

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