Susdomesticus is the scientific work for domestic pig. Domestic pig provides pork which is one of the most commonly eat red meat in the world. In many part of the eastern Asia, you will find it being used a lot in dishes. However, there are certain restrictions by religions such as Judaism and Islam when it comes to consumption.  Due to the restrictions of religion, this particular meat is illegal in Islamic states.

Pork comes in various ways such as bacon, sausages, ham or smoked pork. People do however eat unprocessed pork by cooking it with spices and turning it into stews, curries or even roasting it.

Lean pork contains high protein, rich in minerals and vitamins and is a good addition to the diet. Whether you get Holland pork or south Asian pork, the nutritional contents is similar.

Nutritional facts

  • Pork contains high proteins and also contains a varied amount of fat. A ground piece of 100 grams porn contains 297 calories, 53% of water, about 26 grams of protein, no carbohydrates, fibre however contains 21 grams of fat. Lean protein in cooked pork consists of 26%. If the weight is dry, then the protein content will be almost 90% making it almost one of the richest protein sources. It consists of amino acids, which are required for maintaining the body. If you are looking at building you body, or a recovering athlete then you can consider consuming this mean. Even patients after a surgery will be given this meat in order to rebuild the old muscles and maintain it well.
  • The pork fat ranges from ten to sixteen percent but it can also be of a higher percentage depending on the how much is trimmed off and other factors that bred the pig. Lard is obtained from pig fat which can be used a cooking fat. Unlike other meats you can use the unsaturated or saturated fats make an equal proportion.

  • Minerals and vitamins can be found in pork. Thiamin is found in pork which one of the most important B vitamins that helps with body functions Selenium is also found in pork which consists of minerals that can also be found in meat, eggs, seafood and dairy food products. Zinc is vital for the brain to be healthy and for the immune system to be strong which is found in pork. Other vitamins such as Vitamin B12, B6, Niacin also phosphorus and iron can be found too. Processed pork will contain excess amounts of sodium.

Intake the right amount of pork will ensure that you intake all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals in the right amounts.

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