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Beautiful flowers with surprising meanings

Flowers are often used as means of expressing our emotions when words somehow don’t seem enough. But knowing what the meanings of flowers are will help you express yourself much better and will also help convey a message clearly. It will allow you to celebrate with a person in their […]


Top Places to Visit in Muscat

Muscat is truly a fascinating city. With a climate that is warm for almost the whole year, it is a popular tourist destination anytime of the year. Each tourist destination in Muscat is far from each other as this city is really spread out. They are separated by magnificent mountains […]


A Guide To Planning a Hen’s Party

If your bestie is getting married you may be getting ready to plan the most epic night out. As your bride is your soul sister you would want this event to be the day of her life. But this would only put more pressure on you. We understand that this […]


The nutritional facts of pork

Susdomesticus is the scientific work for domestic pig. Domestic pig provides pork which is one of the most commonly eat red meat in the world. In many part of the eastern Asia, you will find it being used a lot in dishes. However, there are certain restrictions by religions such […]


How to Save Money during a Family Vacation

Yes let’s admit it: Family vacations are incredibly expensive! You need to go on a vacation or two every year though because precious memories are created during these carefree days. So how can you embark on a blissful tour with your loved ones every now and then without having to […]