For the longest time I remember wanting to be a restaurant owner and be a part of the food industry. Growing up, I adored the restaurant across my street with all its elegance and beauty. The owner was especially nice and made each customer feel very special.

Living across the street had it’s perks, it made it easier to get the inspiration I needed to fulfil my dream. I got to a peek inside the world of a restaurant owner and IK found it incredibly fascinating. I learnt a lot from him; about all the effort that goes into maintaining such high standards and keeping the business going. Its not all colourful behind the scenes.

Firstly I learnt that the inspiration and ideas for opening a restaurant had come from different sources, for example: Italian restaurant Singapore, and after much thought, discussion and decision making it led to the opening of the place, whereas in my head it seemed like the idea just magically appeared and everything fell into place. Next task is the hiring of staff. To maintain and run a successful establishment, I learnt that choosing a loyal staff is crucial. They are the body of the establishment and without them things cannot run.

Another significant aspect that I learnt is that paying attention to the out look of the establishment. Most owners tend to ignore this aspect; they make the interior look very nice but the exterior is not looked after. Our first impression of a place is made by what it looks like. The owner gives a paint wash to the entire place periodically, has beautiful lawn of flowers out front, has shimmering lights put up during the night time and even a nice tiled walkway to the door. It’s the little things like this that sets a place apart from others and attracts a lot of customers.

The service is always excellent; the customers are treated with respect and made them feel very welcome and special. Everyone is always welcome gracefully with a smile and throughout the evening the staff maintain this good vibe.

The food is always exquisite, authentic Italian food of the highest quality at an affordable price. That’s another thing I have learnt, that quality over quantity is always true. As it is the norm with Italians to eat in small portions it is the same at this establishment. Small portions with uncompromised quality.

It is the culmination of all the little things that bring together a magnificent establishment. You cannot ignore a pace and expect it to grow, it needs love, attention and care. If you treat your business with respect it will bring you success.

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