Yes let’s admit it: Family vacations are incredibly expensive! You need to go on a vacation or two every year though because precious memories are created during these carefree days. So how can you embark on a blissful tour with your loved ones every now and then without having to break a bank? Well, read the article below and find out!

Pick the destination wisely

There are some places in the world that have a reputation for being expensive. Avoid these places like the plague if you are travelling on a budget! Instead look for places that provide you a wealth of experiences at an affordable price. Consider places like Sri Lanka and Thailand in Asia if you want to treat yourself to some beach fun and enjoy unforgettable temple tours. Thailand is also a place that offers sensational shopping thrills. The prices at the many leading malls and shopping areas are astonishing too!

Benefit from special airline offers

If you are planning to travel overseas for the holiday, make sure you stay alert and benefit from airline offers. You can always choose no-frills airline tours to reach the destination that you like. But if it is a long haul flight do try to look for a more comfortable flight for the benefit of the children.

Choose your accommodation well

You can consider choosing a hotel that is located in close proximity to the places that you intend to visit, in order to cut down the transport costs. Look for special hotel offers and promotions too. You will be able to compare prices of a large number of hotels online today on websites like Agoda and Always check the prices offered by the hotel through its official website too because often it will be cheaper to book this way. Early Bird Offers and Advance Purchase Discounts will also help you make great savings. You can consider booking a luxury suite for one night and spend the rest in an average room in order to enjoy a luxurious experience while on holiday! If you are traveling in the Middle East, you may not be able to afford a stay at a luxury spa five star hotel in UAE. Instead, go for affordable options like Airbnb rentals.

Opt for economical options during the tour

During the tour too, try to make savings. Consider using public transport instead of always booking taxis. If your family is a large one, often public transport will be the viable option too as only a few people can fit into a taxi anyway! Try to also prepare your own meals if you have chosen an accommodation option that includes the facilities of a kitchen.

Hope you enjoy every minute of your tour with your loved ones!

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