Aside from the awesome fireworks display and traditional cultural performances, Chinese New Year celebrations also focus on the festive variety of food being prepared. These are also given to families, relatives, and friends as they are greatly associated with luck. Here are some “good luck” food that should be present on your dining table this Chinese New Year.


Long Noodles

Chinese are known for their steamy hot noodles. However, for Chinese New Year celebration, noodles should not be cut. It needs to be long. The longer it is, the better as this symbolizes the lifespan of the individual who will eat it. Given such, exercise caution whenpreparing the noodles.

Sweet Rice Cake

Known as “nian gao” in Chinese, sweet rice cakes are made from glutinous rice flour. As the Chinese belief goes, its sticky texture will help an individual reach higher status in the social ladder. Hence, eating sweet rice cakes represents the individual’s accomplishments of greater heights in the succeeding year.

Ong Lai

A sweet dessert is a must every Chinese New Year as it symbolizes a sweet life ahead. Though Chinese tradition does not require the preparation of a specific type of sweet dessert, people mostly prepare ong lai as this represents the brewing prosperity. Ong lai may come in different versions but the most notable would be the pineapple tarts singaporet
pineapple tarts singapore hat you can hardly resist.


Aside from the sweet ong lai, having a pomelo for dessert in a Chinese New Year would also be ideal. This is because this citrus fruit is regarded to bring continuous prosperity to whoever eats it. It also represents fertility, unity, and good health.

Tangerines and Oranges

Apart from pomelos, you also have to include the tangerines and oranges in your list. In Chinese, tangerines symbolizes wealth while oranges promises luck. Eating both the tangerines and oranges is said to bring in more wealth and greater luck in the year ahead.

Dried Oysters

It may seem peculiar but never underestimate the power of dried oysters! Served with tofu skin and mushrooms, dried oysters, according to Chinese belief, bring prosperity to businesses.

Sesame Balls

Comes in shiny golden balls, these fried sesame-coated balls are filled with either lotus or red bean paste. At first, they are small but as they are being fried, these balls expand. Likewise, consuming these balls during Chinese New Year will expand your fortune.

Other “good luck” food items include fish, dumplings, bak kwa, prosperity cakes, and sweet rice balls. With all these present in your dining table, the year ahead will certainly be one of the best years for you! 

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