Flowers are often used as means of expressing our emotions when words somehow don’t seem enough. But knowing what the meanings of flowers are will help you express yourself much better and will also help convey a message clearly. It will allow you to celebrate with a person in their happiness and mourn with them in a time of loss. Here are some unusual and surprising meanings behind beautiful flowers.


This is a beautiful link pink flower with a large number of petals. It is amazing to look at and is a very lush flower that was really popular during the Victorian era. It is said to convey the message ‘my destiny is in your hands’. So the next time you see a camellia and feel like giving it to somebody, make sure that you really don’t mind your destiny being in their hands.

The purple hyacinth

If you want to say sorry to somebody for something that you may have said or done, give them a bunch of purple hyacinths. These flowers have a origin story that goes all the way back to Apollo and Hyacinthus. Apollo actually killed Hyacinthus and the purple flower is said to symbolize somebody asking for forgiveness. These are also not too had to find and if you look for an online flower delivery Singapore service or in any other location, you will be able to find these easily. Remember to add a small note with the flowers when you send them.

Left behind

The Anemone is a really unique and quirky flower that is black and white. They are named after the Greek word anemos and have really shirt lives. They have been attributed to the meaning that says forsaken. It would be alright to add these flowers to a wreath that you would take to a funeral as a symbol of the fleeting nature of life.

Polar opposite

The chamomile flower is by nature attributed to being relaxing and calming. However back in the 19th century, these were the symbol of having energy in the face of adversity. So if anybody that you know is going through a hard time, give them a bunch of these and wish for them to have more energy each day to overcome their challenges.


It seems that Victorians actually names quite a few types of flowers. The Rhododendron is given its name from the word that translates to beware. This actually happens to fit the flower really well, since they are known to be highly poisonous.

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