As much as you’d want your kid’s birthday to be a fun-filled memorable event, you may have a budget that you are trying to keep. But no worries, your kid along with his friends can still have a blast even on a low budget. There are some practical ways to achieve a fantastic birthday celebration for your kid. Read on and learn how to throw a birthday bash that won’t be too costly.

Hold It at Home

Instead of making reservations at a certain venue, the celebration can simply be held at home. It can be just as fun but much cheaper.

Go for Cheaper Options for Celebratory Items

When you can’t spend too much for the event, you can count on the cheap party supplies Singapore has a lot in store. You can find that there are plenty of options more convenient for your budget yet would make nice items for the event. 

Keep the Guest List Short

The celebration doesn’t have to be big. You don’t need to invite the whole neighborhood. The more people you invite means more expenses. Keep it on the minimal. This way, you won’t be spending too much, and your kid will be able to enjoy an even better quality time with friends in a smaller crowd.

Opt for Online Invitations

Paper invitations can be quite costly. An alternative that won’t cost you would be online invitations. There are plenty of websites for making and sending online invitations. Another advantage to an online invitation is that people can respond to the RSVP with a Yes; No; or Maybe, which will help for you to know the exact number of people who can actually come for the celebration.

Provide Your Own Entertainment

You don’t have to hire any clowns; magicians; or mascots, nor rent any inflatables to hold a fun-filled celebration. You can hold some games for the kids to play like musical chairs, treasure hunt, three-legged race, and etc. Engagement in an arts and crafts activity could be another option, wherein kids can have fun with art materials and be creative.

Bake a Cake, Yourself

If you have a knack for baking, you can save yourself some money if you bake a cake for your kid’s birthday, yourself. And you can design it especially for your kid as you prefer or perhaps, he might have some special request. You may even allow him to add in some decorations, himself, and that fun bonding moment you both had decorating would be a memorable birthday experience for him.

If planned and held properly, even with a low budget, your kid will surely appreciate your efforts in throwing him a birthday bash, which will make it memorable for him.

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